On Board Ship Training according to STCW



C-BridgeSim allows the creation of complex training scenarios over multiple geographic areas belonging to a continuos exapanding database.

Full Picture and beyond

  • Use the simulator to undertake intelligent evaluations.

  • Take an overview of the current situation, considering the present condition and the risk correlated.

  • Estimate the potential risk related to the evolution of situation.

  • Operate easily and in a coordinate way with other people involved in the simulation through cooperative training.

  • Define the action to undertake considering also the procedural aspects in a dynamic scenario evolution.

  • Feel the sensation to be physically, visually and emotionally immersed in the training scenario thanks to realistic virtual environments, procedures, interactions and high quality audio.

Advanced Scenarios Generation

  • Experience real scenarios thanks to the use of Virtual Environments and also thanks to the use of Immersive Technologies (e.g. Head Mounted Displays).

  • React to stochastically generated contingencies and failures ( e.g. engines failures, fires, explosions, etc.).

  • Consider constraints and boundary conditions (resources availability, weather conditions, etc.).

  • Learn how to perform specific operations and procedures and manage correctly available resources, equipment and tools.

Multiple Training Exercise Areas

The Ship Bridge Simulator is equipped with a full database of geographic areas including both major international ports and a number of rivers for inland navigation. Each training area recreates exactly the real geographic area and is aligned in terms of buoys, lights, harbours and any other real object, data and information. The Instructor can easily create multiple exercises (even for multiple workstations at the same time), customizing each available instrumentation and tool. The simulation also recreates floating objects and water level according to tidal effect.

Multiple Ships Types

The Ship Bridge Simulator is also equipped with a full database in terms of ships types such as containerships, tanker, bulk carrier, ro-ro, passengers, etc. Ships are also available in different displacement, length, draught and with a number of propulsion types: traditional engine, fixed pitch propeller and controllable pitch propeller, single/double propeller, azimuthal thrusters, etc. The ships motion at sea is done by using an internally developed physics engine where 6 DOF equations based on validated hydrodynamic modeling are implemented. The ship models (both own ships and targets) are available in a permanently expanding library.