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SOPHOS: The Intelligent Personal Assistant

  • Multimedia contents

  • Virtual reality and 3D models

  • Virtual assistant

SOPHOS is the Intelligent Personal Assistant developed by CAL-TEK. SOPHOS has been already integrated in some solutions and products based on Simulation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality developed by CAL-TEK and, wherever not available, it can be integrated upon customer request.

SOPHOS significantly increases the potential of each product or solution, allowing fast and effective access to information through a “question & answer” approach

SOPHOS is currently released in two versions: SOPHOS-MS for applications in Manufacturing Systems and SOPHOS-CH for applications in the Cultural Heritage sector.

Intelligent Knowledge Navigator_CAL-TEK
  • Question & Answer approach
  • Ability to process multiple questions
  • Immediate and visual access to information
Intelligent Knowledge Navigator_CAL-TEK
  • Interaction with 3D models
  • Interactive Virtual Procedures
  • Interaction with Augmented Reality

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