Cloud Computing Software

Optimize your resources and manage your real-time data wherever you want easily. We develop your Cloud thanks to server services, storage resources, databases, software, specific applications and much more on Internet.

We focus on dedicated skills to develop cloud services applications in line with our customers’ business needs.

Thanks to the “Cloud” technology and our support, you can safely manage your processes and data at reduced costs.

Cloud Computing software cal-tek

Our Cloud Apps are designed to meet the needs of specific business areas.
Find out how to increase your company’s productivity!

Cloud Computing Software - Cal-Tek


The decision to migrate to flexible architectures erases the problems related to new technologies introduction, purchase and integration. Cloud Services and apps allow achieving huge advantages in terms of company agility. It turns out into the opportunity to get more focused on the business.

Cloud Computing Software - Cal-Tek


Zero expenses for local data centers configuration and management that require server racks, 24-hour power and IT experts for infrastructure management.

You’ll just have to take care of your business!

Cloud Computing Software - Cal-Tek

Speed and performance

Large amounts of computing resources can be available in few minutes at your fingertips. Extreme flexibility and high performances, secure and always up-to-date networks.

Cloud Computing simplifies and reduces data backup costs enabling rapid disaster recovery and business continuity.

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