Software Design & Development

Thanks to our highly qualified programmers and an engineers’ team, we take care of the entire software development processes. We are able to develop applications and technical infrastructures that can be integrated with existing business systems.

In addition to software suites that allow our customers to save time and boost productivity, we integrate our offer with communication strategies in synergy with IT activities, marketing and other business functions.

We value people, designing effective and user-friendly interfaces to enhance users’ experience.

Software Design & Development cal-tek

We simplie the development by easy management and implementation for a progressive digital growth journey

Software Design & Development - cal-tek


We help companies to understand their real business needs, suggesting most suitable solutions , tools and software to achieve desired results in the shortest time, thanks to the valuable experience of our programmers and experts.

Software Design & Development - cal-tek


We offer customer-oriented development services, satisfying all requirements and expectations.

We rely on innovation and creative thinking at all levels so that our software is completely unique, without neglecting essential aspects such as reliability and cost-efficiency.

Software Design & Development - cal-tek

Efficiency & Compliance

We think that technology has to help business and not to constrain it. This is the reason why we study and develop the best solutions to guarantee the most reliable and suitable platforms able to meet the needs of different companies, public or private, in terms of design, efficiency, compliance and IT security.

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