Simulation As A Service

Simulation models are powerful tools for decisions support. They can be used for product and process optimization without disrupting ongoing operations and bringing several advantages in terms of cost reduction and revenues.

Purchasing, installing and managing software can be complex and sometimes expensive.

For this reason, we provide Simulation Services as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality Services as long as you need.

Our goal is to provide easy and fast access to digital assets and simulation capabilities based on the latest methodologies and enabling technologies.

Simulation As A Service

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Key enabling and innovative technologies, multiple simulation paradigms ranging from interoperable and web-based simulation to real-time simulation, from distributed simulation in 3D virtual environments to parallel simulation, from intelligent agents to Serious Games .

Thanks to the in-house development of innovative technologies and to the experience gained in many R & D projects, we can deliver reliable and high-quality products.

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Custom scenarios

We develop simulations with completely customizable scenarios including scenarios that evolve dynamically, stochastically and fast-time for decision support as well as complex 3D virtual scenarios, totally immersive and able to guarantee a captivating experience based on Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

Simulation frameworks are designed and developed encompassing human-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop solutions.

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Decision Support and Training

Simulation becomes a service for decision support and for training in Industry, Logistics, Supply Chain, Sea Economy, Defense, Health and Environment.

The simulations for decision support can be carried using real-time data (Big-Data) with immediate access to output results. Training through virtual and immersive simulation, instead, provides a controlled learning environment and offers realistic training experiences.

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