Virtual reality & mixed reality: Immersive interactive training

We develop Immersive Interactive Solutions for Training in Industrial and Logistic Systems.

Our solutions, based on simulation, are developed as Serious Games where operators are immersed in Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality environments through viewers and devices with a meaningful impact on operators’ learning curves.

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Success stories

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Fire fighting in Industrial facilities

Using simulation is possible to recreate complex environments where the emergency evolves over time as it really happens in real word scenarios.

The operators are immersed in simulation scenarios through viewers (Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, etc.) and interact with Virtual Reality assets at different levels in order to learn how to manage emergency situations successfully.

Single and cooperative training, realistic emergency scenarios based on fires, explosions, loss of toxic / radioactive substances, etc., completely customizable by the user.

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Confined spaces

There are many cases of fatal accidents in confined spaces. DPR no. 177 of 2011 defines the professional qualification required to operators that work in confined spaces ranging from tanks to silos, from combustion chambers to nuclear power plants.

Training in this case requires specific skills to operate in critical environments safely. Virtual, Interactive and Immersive simulation is the only tool able to recreate realistic training experiences to improve operators’ skills.

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Training in Critical Infrastructures

Critical infrastructures have always been considered resources whose interruption can have a significant influence on the well-being of entire regions and geographical areas. Operators working in critical infrastructures must be trained in order to operate safely and act properly in case of unforeseen circumstances and /or emergencies.

The solutions developed by CAL-TEK encompass simulation and training scenarios on different types of critical infrastructures including industrial and chemical plants, distribution and transport networks, offshore platforms, communication systems.

  • Platform

    The platform recreates tasks and procedures reproduced and managed by an intelligent engine able to predict and simulate all the variables. It helps to improve operators’ skills to cope with and manage emergency situations.

  • Simulation

    Simulation enables recreating realistic complex environments in which the emergency evolves over time including the impacts on things and people.

  • Training

    Training can be addressed to operators working at different levels with different roles for example: the Head of the Emergency Team and the Team members, the Head of the Fire Team, the Head of the Corporate Safety, the Managers acting outside the Company (such as Civil Protection Manager, Fire Brigade, etc.).

A complete training for:

  • Take decisions and make intelligent evaluations

  • Obtain a common operational picture

  • Estimate potential risks realted to the scenario evolution

  • Operate easily and in a coordinated way with other people involved in simulation

  • Defining the actions to be executed considering also procedural aspects

  • Reaction to unexpected events stocastically generated (such as fire, explosion, failures, etc.)

  • Considering constraints and boundary conditions (resources availability, meteorological conditions, etc.)


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Immersive and interactive environments

Simulation can be used to recreate complex environments evolving as real world scenarios. Operators are fully immersed in simulation scenarios through viewers (such as Hololens, Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.) and can interact using Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality. From the instructor workstation, it is possible to set up the training scenario parameters in order to create hundreds of different exercises. Finally, dedicated systems allow the assessment of trainees’ performances.

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Strategic and Operational Training

Our simulators allow training at strategic and operational level. Strategic training for decision-making personnel (e.g. managers) is possible thanks to virtual control panels able to recreate the real decision-making centres. Operational training takes place in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality scenarios: operators are immersed in the scenario through the use of viewers and are required to carry out tasks as requested at strategic level. Training can be single or cooperative.

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Advantages for our customers

  • Reduction of time and effort required to set up exercise scenarios;
  • Simulation over unpredicted scenarios ( possibility to carry out different exercises)
  • Dynamic evolution of the training scenario and cooperative actions of the people involved in the exercise
  • Possibility to involve simulated people (driven by intelligent agents) to enhance the simulation accuracy and the training outcomes
  • Targeted training aimed at enhancing specific key performance indicators

Default and customizable features

Difficulties and roles

Different Difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard) and possibility to choose the roles that people involved in the simulation are trained on. Training scenario set up.

The virtual world

The virtual world as well as the elements and the objects in it can be recreated according to customers’ needs, creating – whenever needed – dedicated databases of 3D models.

Training sessions

The duration of training sessions can be increased or reduced controlling the speed of the simulation to increase the effectiveness of the training.

Evaluation of students

Dedicated system for assessing operators’ performances all along the simulation. The system is based on multiple performance indicators.

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