Supply Chain Simulation

Simulation and optimization of production and logistics processes

Digitize your supply chain, reduce costs, enhance service levels and streamline deployment processes. First, optimize using simulation then, being sure of the benefits you will have, transfer the results to your supply chain.

Supply Chain_CAL-TEK
  • Advanced predictive models to detect new products and new distribution points
  • Optimization models for resource allocation, routing, cross-docking and bin packing
  • Optimal models for demand forecasting and inventory control
  • Interfaces for mobile devices for real-time coordination, monitoring and control
  • Simulation resources for What-if analysis


Supply Chain_CAL-TEK

Digitize your Supply Chain

  • Build the digital twin of the real supply chain
  • Run what -if analysis and understand the dynamics of your supply chain
  • Consider the stochastic variables and the uncertainties typical of a real supply chain
  • Use optimization algorithms to maximize the KPIs of your supply chain
Supply Chain_CAL-TEK

Easy to use

  • Intuitive tools and practical features suitable for untrained persons
  • Few commands to test different configurations of your supply chain
  • Client-Server platform and integration with existing information systems
  • Possibility to carry out simulations using mobile devices
Supply Chain_CAL-TEK

Wherever you want / whenever you want

  • Simulation based design: use simulation to design your supply chain
  • Simulation based optimization: use simulation to manage and optimize your supply chain
  • Simulation as a Service: request a dedicated consulting service and create the digital twin of your supply chain

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