Knowledge Box MS (Manufacturing Systems) is the new solution that allows you to have a virtual assistant always with you!

An innovative tool ready to solve the company needs, improving operators’ skills in human-machine interactions within a Industry 4.0 context.

Information systems and devices always connected to have a fast, intelligent access to Augmented Reality contents related to maintenance, safety, security, training and troubleshooting.

The agreement signed with Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE) – the world’s first and only fullstream provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions- provides for the implementation of “Knowledge Box MS” in Vibo Valentia BHGE Nuovo Pignone plant where it’s actually in use as Virtual and Augmented solutions for plant digitalization.

Accessibility, Maintenance, Training,
Troubleshooting and Security in one tool!

Knowledge box_smartphone

Smart App Android & iOS

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Machines Data Accessibility

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Personal Assistant SOPHOS-MS

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

3D Models and Augmented Reality

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Chat & Teleconference (audio / video)

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Knowledge Box

Enhances operators’ skills. It collects and organizes Big Data from machines and production lines.

The information is then used by operators in a Smart Way using Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable devices with a fast, intelligent, visual approach and through the help of the personal assistant SOPHOS-MS.

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Smart Control

It allows recreating for each machinery and production line the assets needed to manage Maintenance, Safety, Training and Troubleshooting in a Smart and Digital way.

Available on the Cloud, it allows a direct access to data needed for the system setup and can be connected to the company information systems.

Knownledge Box interazioni uomo-macchina Industry 4.0

Smart Operators

Available on Android and iOS devices, it integrates all the functionalities the Operators need to interact with the machine in a Smart way, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

The app is automatically updated according to the data contained in the Smart Control, providing a set of specific functionalities for each digital asset.


  • Web-app platform and ANDROID mobile app
  • Ability to digitize different types of processes (productive, maintenance, quality, etc.) using custom templates
  • Presence of an Intelligent Assistant – SOPHOS-MS© – with Question-Answer interaction to quickly retrieve information
  • Instantly create and upload audio, video, text, or PDF notes
  • Receive push notifications on the app based on the status of the process being considered
  • Virtual Reality 3D models that can be imported directly from the user and available on the Android app
  • Generate QR Codes that can be used directly at machinery, production lines, or anything that needs quick access to information
  • Remote process control using Application-integrated Text Chat, Audio, and Video Conference
  • Geolocation of all processes and scanned objects
  • Multilanguage system user management
  • Ability to integrate with the company information system (optional)


Maintenance processes

  • Error rate reduction in maintenance operations
  • Execution time reduction in maintenance operations
  • Better Knowledge management
  • Fast, visual and more objective access to information


  • Reduction of training on the job
  • Improved learning curves
  • Reduction of training costs and time
  • Greater effectiveness of training processes


  • Greater simplicity in identifying solutions to already encountered problems
  • Greater simplicity in managing problems for offsite machines (delocalized)
  • Better Knowledge management and knowledge reuse for troubleshooting


  • Better management of safety warnings
  • Accident rate reduction
  • Safety enhancement in human-machine interactions

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