VR / AR for Cultural Heritage

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VR / AR for Cultural Heritage is a suite of two applications, called INSIDE VIRTUAL and OUTSIDE REAL, which represent the two sides of the same coin to offer an advanced experience in cultural heritage. The apps have been released for Android & IoS tablets and smartphones

VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK


VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK

It offers a virtual and interactive experience that the user can access comfortably at home even without visiting the real museum. Using a Serious Game logic, the user is involved in a learning process where he/she plays the role of a virtual visitor in a virtual museum.

Inside the museum the user can interact with 3D models and with virtual guides (based on a question and answer approach where the user receives information and suggestions on the artifacts that fall under his/her interests). Virtual guides offer an adaptive learning experience being able to capture the user’s interests and to manage the virtual visit smartly.

Under the Serious Game mode, the user “unlocks” new areas of the virtual museum if he proves to have correctly understood cultural contents and information acquired along the visit. Moreover INSIDE VIRTUAL is based on Artificial Intelligence that makes the scenario evolve based on the user behavior and preferences.


VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK

It is an application (Android and IoS) for smartphones and tablets to be used during the visit in a real museum or archeological site. For each artifact, the application provides Augmented Reality contents and offers the possibility to interact with the Personal Assistant SOPHOS-CH that delivers information through a question-answer approach. The Personal Assistant SOPHOS-CH is also able to plan a guided tour of the museum according to the preferences initially expressed by the user and adjusts the visit and the contents delivered according to the questions the user asks. OUTSIDE REAL also provides users’ profiling as a support to museum curators for the optimal organization of exhibition spacesand cultural contents.

During the visit to the museum, the OUTSIDE REAL App allows getting, in an intelligent way, knowledge about artifacts and additional contents  such as texts, pictures and videos.

VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK

Inside virtual

  • Free Visit Mode: the user moves freely in the virtual museum and intelligently interacts with the guides
  • Adaptive Guided Tour Mode: the user is followed by a virtual guide. The visit is adaptive and evolves based on the user’s questions and preferences
  • Serious Game Mode: The virtual museum is divided into different areas. To transit to the next area, the area must have been previously unlocked by the user answering to some questions.
VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK

Outside real

  • Augmented Reality Contents (3D models, video, photo, audio, text)
  • Access to 3D Virtual Models for a 360 ° view
  • SOPHOS-CH Personal Assistant, the user can intelligently interact with it asking questions instead of listening to contents from a headphone
  • Smart suggestions on artifacts or museum areas to visit according user preferences
  • Smart suggestions about contents that the user may be interested in
VR / AR for Cultural Heritage_CAL-TEK


  • Bring the museum into people’s homes: a virtual museum experience for all users, comfortably at home
  • It increases the users’ potential to discover cultural contents during the visit to the museum
  • Each user receives information in a personalized way based on his/her interests

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