Bus Driving Simulator

Simulator for bus drivers’ training

The simulator combines software and hardware solutions offering training experiences with high realism.

The simulator is available in different configurations to satisfy all customer needs: from basic to advanced training.

Bus Driving Simulator . Simulatore di guida CAL_TEK

Real cockpit integration


Immersive Virtual Environments


Realistic equipment


Driven traffic by Intelligent Agents


Motion Platform at 6 DOF

  • Simulation Software + Real Bus Dashboard

    Simplified workstation for basic and procedural training

  • Simulation Software + Real Bus Dashboard + Motion Platform

    Integrated workstation including a real bus dashboard and an immersive display system

  • Simulation Software + Real Bus Dashoard + Motion Platform

    Integrated workstation with the real bus dashboard, an immersive visualization system and a Motion Platform with up to 6 degrees of freedom to recreate the vehicle dynamics and the feeling of being in a real vehicle


  • Simulation of large-scale driving scenarios
  • Realistic vehicles behaviour governed by accurate mathematical models
  • Intelligent interaction with road traffic and pedestrians
  • Different virtual environments for different driving experiences
  • Multiple views and cameras
  • Hardware integration including a real dashboard and a motion platform with 3 or 6 degrees of freedom
  • Distributed simulation architecture for multiple and / or cooperative training


Bus Driving Simulator CAL-TEK

Highly configurable virtual environments

It provides virtual scenarios for experiential learning: the driver can dive into different driving paths: urban, national roads, suburban roads, motorways, etc.

Training includes highly realistic situations based on mathematical models. Trial and error approaches are encouraged to increase context and operational awareness.

Weather conditions, daytime, road variables, vehicles and pedestrians allow experiencing typical and real situations for a comprehensive training experience.

Bus Driving Simulator

Single and Cooperative Training

Different configurations are available.

Simulation workstations can be used stand-alone or combined interacting each other, sharing the same virtual environments and simulation scenarios.

The architecture is totally scalable, portable and flexible ensuring individual and cooperative training distributed over different areas and with different levels.

Bus Driving Simulator CAL-TEK

A tool for training agencies

Our simulators are a high quality tool for driving schools, training agencies and corporate fleets.

Indeed, the use of simulators is compliant with current national and international rules.

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