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– Industry 4.0 –

VR/MR: Interactive and Immersive Training

  • Soluzioni CAL-TEK

Virtual, Immersive and Interactive Platforms
for Training in the Industry and Logistics

Pocket Assistant 4.0 and AR

  • Soluzioni CAL-TEK

The mobile solution to optimize the interactions
man-machine in production systems

Intelligent Knowledge Navigator

  • Soluzioni CAL-TEK

the Personal Intelligent Assistant for your Business 4.0

Digital Twin

Create digital twin of your plants and machines,

optimize production pocesses, design and management

– Logistics & Defense

Supply Chain Simulation

  • Soluzioni CAL-TEK

Reduce logistics time and costs:
simulate and optimize the Supply Chain of your company

Military Simulation

  • Soluzioni CAL-TEK

Virtual and Interoperable Solutions

for Commander training and his Staff

All this and more to grow your business!

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