Car Terminal Simulator

An innovative approach for cooperative training in car terminals

The Car Terminal Simulator (CTS) is our solution devoted to enhance personnel training effectiveness in Car Terminals and to reduce human errors. The main benefits it brings include: direct and indirect costs reduction, greater operational efficiency and higher safety levels for things and people.

Car Terminal Simulator CAL-TEK

Different configurations for the lot


Different kind of vehicles and traffic conditions


Weather conditions


Different kind of ship and lay-out

  • 80% multi-tasking operators
  • 20% productivity (number of vehicles handled per hour)
  • 35% of accidents with minor damage
  • 40% time to repair vehicles with minor damage
  • 40% cost to repair vehicles with minor damage
  • 40% indirect costs of operators’ absence due to accidents
  • 0% total loss for vehicles that can no longer be repaired


Car Terminal Simulator CAL-TEK

Virtual Environments and Simulation Scenarios

  • Different types of Ro-Ro ships
  • Different types of ship layouts
  • Different types of vehicles (small, medium and large cars, buses, trucks, etc.)
  • Real vehicles cockpits integration
  • Integration of motion platforms with up to 6 degrees of freedom
  • Realistic vehicles Dynamics and physics
  • Different Weather conditions
  • Multiple cameras on the virtual environment
Car Terminal Simulator CAL-TEK

Individual and Cooperative Training

  • Possibility to get involved in the simulation all the key operators including: drivers, parkers, marshalls, Telly Man, Quality Checkers, Service Persons, etc.
  • Different types of configurations: from basic to advanced training
  • Use of Head Mounted Display (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus, etc.) for immersion and interactions in the virtual environment
  • Multiple Key Perfomance Indicators to evaluate the training effectiveness
  • After-Action Review
Car Terminal Simulator CAL-TEK

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs
  • Time reduction for expert operators
  • Instructor Station with an advanced system for performance evaluation
  • Cooperative exercises and multi-purpose operators
  • High product customization to meet all customer needs
  • Possibility to develop solutions for mobile devices (tablets, Smartphones) and immersive virtual reality for procedural training

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