GMDSS Simulator System

C-GMDSS-Sim is our simulation solution for GMDSS training. C-GMDSS-Sim opportunely combines all the GMDSS communication equipment with an Instructor’s Workstation to simulate radio communications for maritime security, including ship-to-coast communications and ship-to-ship communications.

C-GMDSS-Sim is also fully integrated as part of the CAL-TEK Ship Bridge Simulator

C-GMDSS is the ideal simulation system to learn the main GMDSS principles as well as the different radio communications equipment in different scenarios including emergency situations.

C-GMDSS-Sim can be easily installed on desktop PCs and have different communication equipment on a single screen.

Why choosing our GMDSS Simulation?


  • Transmit aid alert ship-to-coast.
  • Receive aid alert coast-to-ship.
  • Transmit and receive ship-to-ship communications.
  • Transmit and receive communications for the coordination of the search and rescue operations.
  • Transmit and receive information on maritime security (MSI).
  • Transmit and receive general communications that will be received by networks or radioelectric earth systems.
  • Modularity:

C-GMDSS-Sim includes all the communications equipment that are usually part of the GMDSS including:

  • VHF radio
  • MF radio
  • Navtex
  • RadioTelex
  • Alarm Panel.
  • Compliance:

Our GMDSS simulation solution is alos integrated within our Ship Bridge Simulator where it has been certified by RINA as compliant with respect to the STCW, section A-I/12.