Digital Twin

Knowledge as a Service

Our Digital Twin solutions create a new business asset: “Knowledge as a Service”, as an enabling factor to set up a 4.0 Smart Factory as well as the digital and virtual reproduction of all real systems.

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Digital Twin is an advanced decision support system based on advanced simulation models that receive real-time data from every company asset. It is a digital environment that enables what-if analyzes and optimizations to improve the efficiency of each asset as well as of the system as a whole.

Maintenance (predictive, planned, ordinary), operators’ and company assets safety as well as training are combined in a single digital world where decisions are taken based on analytical and predictive methods (artificial intelligence) and on a Knowledge Base of data continuously updated (Big Data).


  • Easy access and organization of data coming from company assets (eg machines and production lines)

  • Creation of repositories for maintenance, safety and production procedures with audio files, video, images, texts coming directly from production departments (by using the smart operator functions) or from other archives

  • Creation of customized items for the implementation of augmented reality functions, even with 3d virtual models

  • Wizard for the creation of mobile apps with multiple functionalities: augmented reality, sophos-ms personal assistant, access to maintenance and safety procedures, access to machine data, access to photos / video / virtual models, video registration, etc.

  • Possibility of integration with the company information system in order to provide information for production control according to the latest concepts of industry 4.0

  • Predictive maintenance based on Artificial Intelligence methodologies

  • Mobile application for troubleshooting on delocalized plants and machines as well as for operators’ training

  • Automatic management of multiple languages

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Build the digital equivalent of all your assets, carry out simulations with real data to ponder your choices, invest wisely the available resources, increase productivity, reduce costs, diagnose problems, identify optimal solutions, prepare for change , train your team.

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… in an Interactive Virtual world …

Digital and Virtual assets to support production  and process design processes, to increase the operators’ potentials both in design and asset management, to improve their learning curves, to enhance training activities, to boost knowledge management and reuse

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… Augmented and Smart

Digital and Augmented for fast, visual and objective access to information, for better management of  predictive and programmed maintenance processes, for enhanced training processes and troubleshooting of all assets (onsite and offsite) and for higher safety of people and company assets.

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