On Board Ship Training according to STCW


C-BridgeSim, research and development

Where Research & Development make the Difference

C-BridgeSim has been developed in cooperation with University of Calabria (where CAL-TEK is a spin off Company) and in cooperation with other worldwide Universities.
With more than 200 scientific articles published on International Journals and International Conferences in the area of Modeling & Simulatin, with simulation applications that range from the Maritime domain to Logistics, from Industry to Defense and thanks to the collaboration with the Modeling & Simulation Center – Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions (MSC-LES), our company brings the results of Research & Development activities within the Ship Bridge Simulator providing our Customers with innovative solutions.
Our company continuously works to advance the State of the Art in the training domain by integrating, as part of the Ship Bridge Simulator, new enabling methodologies and technologies such as Virtual Immersive Reality, Augmented/Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence and many others.
We also supports the organization of the most important international Conferences in the area of Modeling & Simulation (I3M, EMSS, ISM, HMS, etc.)