On Board Ship Training according to STCW


The Instructor’s Workstation

A wide range of functionalities to recreate real-world training scenarios

The Instructor Workstation has been conceived, designed and implemented to provide a wide range of functionalities and to deeply control training scenarios and trainees’ performances over the time.

The own ship as well as the target ships can be opportunely customized; all the onboard instrumentations (Radar, ECDIS, GMDSS, etc.) can be configured to recreate all the situations that the trainee can experience on board real ships. Multiple instances of the Bridge Simulators can be controlled by a single instructor’s workstation.

The Instructors’ User Interface has been designed according to the most recent User Experience Design (UX) principles in order to stimulate the correct instructor’s perceptions and response while using the system.

  • Full control of the simulation

  • Creation of exercises, exercise editing, running, printing and debriefing

  • Management of pre-existing exercises (save and restore)

  • Start-End of the training exercise

  • Exercise recording and replay on the instructor map

  • Map zoom-in and zoom-out

  • High accuracy data presentation on the basis of vector charts

  • Print of all the kinematic data of the exercise

  • Control of own ships and targets: direct control of steering and propulsion systems, autopilot, mooring, anchors for own ships; control of position, speed, direction for targets;

  • Waypoints management

  • Management of 100 moving targets of different types

  • Radar ARPA settings management

  • AIS settings management

  • Ships management

  • Capability to move the own/target ships during exercise

  • Displaying of the actual ship contours

  • Continuous display of the ship motion parameters and environmental conditions: ship course and speed, course over the ground, heading, rate of turn, etc.

  • Display of the speed vector

  • Display of walls and piers

  • Track history and time stamp

  • On chart monitoring of own ship and target ships

  • Anchors operations management

  • Alarms and Failures Management

  • Lights and Shapes management

  • Fogs management

  • Flags management

  • Mooring operations management

  • Tugboats Management

  • Failures and alarms management

  • GMDSS data management for each own ship