On Board Ship Training according to STCW


Multiple Configurations for multiple Needs

From initial training to Full Mission Ship Bridge Simulator

Our Ship Bridge Simulator is fully scalable, flexible, modular and interoperable to fullfill customer’s needs in terms of training capabilities.
Interoperability with already existing solutions is achieved through the standard IEEE 1516 HLA (High Level Architecture) for interoperable and distributed simulation.
Our Ship Bridge Simulator can be installed on simple desktop PCs for initial training (available in three different configurations, Starter, Intermediate and Full) as well as can be provided as a Part Task and Full Mission Ship Bridge Simulator (available in four different configurations: Part Task 3 consoles and Full Mission 5, 7 and 9 consoles). The same modularity apply to ship models, training scenarios, board software and instrumentations.
Even a basic desktop installation can be arranged in a way to provide trainees with the feeling to be onboard the ship thanks to dedicated portable controllers.

C-BridgeSim, Commercial Hardware

Thanks to the optimization of the programming code, the C-BridgeSim simulators are able to run on commercial desktop computers where CPU and GPU requirements are kept at minimum levels to ensure economic savings and low commercial hardware costs. Most of the C-BridgeSim applications are also able to run on miniPC, please check the Commercial Hardware Specifications document for additional information.