LAB 360

Immersive experiences for decision-making processes, product design review,
staff training, facilities maintenance and safety monitoring.

CAL-TEK LAB 360 is a center dedicated to develop immersive Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality solutions

We develop software that have a significant impact on operators’ learning curves.

Full immersive experience, also realized with mobile devices, shows the potential and scalability of our Virtual Reality solutions.

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Why choose Training solutions in Industry and Logistics

In modern industry, plants have gradually automated and production machinery are continuously evolving into advanced and sophisticated systems.

Technology is necessary to carry out specific and constant training. To perform the right training and mentorship on work place, very often operators have to face different difficulties because there are various emergency cases that can’t be riproduced.

Consider, for example, all maintenance or emergency operations in which it is expected to solve problems in complete safety, alone or in cooperation.

To deal with such a varied series of cases it would be necessary to commit or stop the system to give space to learning, with a consequent high impact on costs and production.

Virtual Reality comes to the rescue of these needs by providing the opportunity to immerse an individual in a simulated and customized environment, through the creation of operational scenarios, which faithfully reproduce so much that they seem realistic.

Moving in 3 dimensions and performing repeated, arduous, dangerous maneuvers has never been so simple and risk-free. The operator, independently, individually or in cooperation, is able to face any gesture as in reality, in a safe environment. Without hampering the production chain it is possible to simplify the troubleshooting processes through an intuitive and intelligent training that foresees and proposes any eventual occurring in the nature of things.

The fully transportable virtual systems, characterized by technological tools, peripherals and optical viewers, allow you to perform training sessions in any place. The possibility of interaction between multiple devices enables you to perform missions in the virtual world in even cooperative scenarios.

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