Virtual Reality & Simulation for training in Industry:

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How do you manage an emergency situation in an Industrial Plant? Find out how to improve the operators’ emergency management skills through immersive & interactive Virtual Reality, Simulation and Serious Game.

In this live session, a training simulation application will be presented, considering the benefits from using enabling technologies on operators’ learning curves.

The webinar will show how recreating complex environments by using simulation where emergency situations evolve over time as it really happens in real world scenarios and where emergency mangers are required to take critical decisions in short times.

The operators are immersed in synthetic environments through viewers (e.g. Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens) where they interact with Virtual Reality assets at different levels in order to learn how to manage emergency situations successfully.



Francesco Longo obtained his PhD at University of Calabria, specialization in Modeling & Simulation in North America (Rutgers University).

He is Researcher and Scientific Responsible of the Modeling & Simulation Center (MSC-LES) at University of Calabria.

His research interests include Modeling and Simulation applied to Industry, Defense and Logistics. Specific research regard simulation models development for supporting decision making in manufacturing systems and industry as well as distributed and interoperable simulation for training in complex systems.

He has published more than 200 scientific papers on international conferences and journals. From 2016, he is CEO of Cal-Tek company.

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