Augmented Reality Technology and Its Application in Aviation Industry

  • Yufen Wu ,
  • Yi Lv,
  • Shuhong Xu
  • a,b.c  Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Institute,Comac,Beijing,102211,China
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Wu Y., Lv Y, Xue Y., Xu S. (2021). Augmented Reality Technology and Its Application in Aviation Industry. Proceedings of the 33rd European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS 2021), pp. 17-22. DOI:


With the development of digital technology, the wide application of augmented reality technology in aviation manufacturing industry is also possible. Through the introduction of the development and key components of augmented reality technology, this paper summarizes the application of augmented reality technology in aircraft assembly, maintenance and inspection of Boeing, Airbus and other aircraft manufacturers, and analyzes the research on augmented reality technology in domestic aviation industry The current situation and development trend provide certain technical support for the specific application of augmented reality technology in the whole life cycle of civil aircraft. 


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