New approaches for security based on the properties of nanodiamonds 

  • Jelena Tamuliene ,
  • Svajone Bekesiene,
  • Petr Kubeček
  • Vilnius University, Physics Faculty, Institute of theoretical Physics and Astronomy, Sauletekio av. 3, Vilnius, LT-10257, Lithuania 
  • General Jonas Zemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania, Research Group on Logistics and Defence Technology Management, Silo 5a, 10322 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Construction Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Thákurova 7/2077, Prague 6 - Dejvice, 166 29, Czech Republic
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Tamuliene J., Bekesiene S., Kubeček P. (2021). New approaches for security based on the properties of nanodiamonds . Proceedings of the 11th International Defence and Homeland Security Simulation Worskhop (DHSS 2021), pp. 35-39. DOI:
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The study has been performed to exhibit the magnetic properties of the hydrogenated nanodimond with nitrogen defect. The results obtained allows us to gain evidence that viruses-sensor employing nanodiamond with paramagnetic centre could be created. The Becke’s three-parameter hybrid functional, applying the non-local correlation provided by Lee, Yang, and Parr method with the 6-31G basis was approached. We found that the above compound substituted by banzoic acid possesses unpaired electrons and their magnetic properties are electric field depended. The possibility to create a biosensor employing nanodiamond with paramagnetic centre is foreseen.


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