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Note that all the steps are mandatory in order to complete the registration process; if you are registering for WAMS workshop please be sure to select the appropriate item in this page
I3M Full Registration to the conference
Full registration to I3M conference including EMSS, HMS, MAS, IMAACA, DHSS, IWISH, SESDE, FOODOPS and VARE

I3M - Additional paper fee
The Additional Paper Fee does not grant access for a second person to the conference

Over-length Page Fee
Eur per page in excess of the 10-page allowance

I3M Student Registration
Student Registration

Observer Registration
Observer Registration

Additional Gala Dinner Ticket
Gala Dinner ticket for an accompanying person or for a student not author (EMSS, HMS, MAS, IMAACA, DHSS, IWISH, SESDE, FOODOPS, VARE)

I3M Full Registration to the Virtual Conference (fee for the conference attendees including students
I3M Virtual Conference attendance and pubblication

I3M - Second paper Registration (virtual attendance)
It includes the registration for the second paper

WAMS- Full Registration
It includes the full registration for WAMS attemdees

WAMS - Student not author registration
It includes the registration to WAMS workshop for student that are not authors

Additional companion ticket for luncheon
It includes an additional luncheon ticket for an accompanying person

WAMS - Additional gala dinner ticket
It includes an additional ticket for WAMS gala dinner for an accompanying person