The Whale of Iron: Take a tour of the JMSDF Akishio submarine and the Kure Maritime Museum

id=”article-body” class=”row” section=”article-body”> Geoffrey Morrison Just outside Hiroshima, Japan, in the town of Kure, there’s an odd sight: a submarine almost as long as a football field, up on stilts. Amid the buildings with no water in sight, (click through the up coming article) the sleek black and red shape couldn’t look more out of place.

It’s the Akishio, a former submarine of the JMSDF, or Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. Decommissioned in 2004, it was converted to a museum ship as part of a larger JMSDF Maritime Museum.

If that weren’t enough for the area, across the street is the Kure Maritime Museum which, among other interesting objects and displays, houses an amazing 1/10th scale replica of the massive Yamato battleship. It was the largest battleship ever built, and was sunk by American bombers in World War II.

Here’s a full tour.

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