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Welcome to the The 21th International Conference on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation web-based conference management system!

Conference aims

The HMS Conference concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics. HMS Conference is a traditional event and it was held successfully worldwide, usually in the surroundings of major international ports (HMS1999 Genoa, HMS2000 Portofino, HMS2001 Marseille, HMS2002 Bergeggi, HMS2003 Riga, HMS2004 Rio de Janeiro, HMS2006 Barcelona, HMS2007 Bergeggi); however HMS foundations are even older, originally a "Harbour & Maritime Transport Workshop" was included as part of Simulation in Industry Conference, Genoa (1996) and then a "Modelling and Simulation within a Maritime Environment Conference" was organized in Riga in 1998; In 2008 the Conference moved to South Italy in HMS2008, in co-location with I3M2008, the event was a great success in terms of quality and attendance; the 2009 edition was very successful in the Canary Island: Tenerife, Spain, and the HMS2010 was held in Fes (Morocco). In 2011 the conference moved to Italy, while HMS 2012 was held in Vienna as a joint event in I3M2012 and HMS 2013 was held in Greece as a joint event in I3M2013 . In 2014 the conference moves to France as a joint event in I3M2014, co-locating HMS2014, EMSS2014, MAS2014, DHSS 2014, I-WISH 2014 and SESDE 2014 In the past editions worldwide specialists had the opportunity to participate and interact in this important International Forum on Logistics. The audience includes users, vendors and scientists operating in applying advanced techniques to supply chains, logistics and handling facilities.

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