Our staff, in collaboration with academic and scientific institutions and other companies carries out research and development projects aiming at developing new products and concepts fostering and bringing unique innovations in different areas including Industry, Logistics and Supply Chain, Defense and Cultural Heritage.



SG-ICT – Serious Game at Increased Impact on Culture and Tourism

SG-ICT project is developed in cooperation with MSC-LES Lab of University of Calabria and combines, in an innovative way, Modeling & Simulation, Intelligent Agents, Virtual Environments, Augmented Realit and Mobile Applications (MA) for:
creating an interactive and immersive way to produce, use and distribute cultural contents in museums and archaeological sites
creating an easy to use and effective way to receive cultural contents while visiting real museums and archaeological sites integrating an innovative Knowledge System and Intelligent Personal Assistant Navigator with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.



SMARTDISTR project includes research and development activities that will culminate in the release of a simulator which can be integrated into the business models of companies that distribute press.
The simulator is able to support the evaluation of alternative scenarios to differentiate the use of the network distribution, transport and equipment.
The finance corporation is the region of Calabria via the Logistical, Transport and Transformation Pole


SIMCJOH – Simulation of Multi Coalition Joint Operation involving Human aspects

The SIMCJOH project sees the cooperation of CAL-TEK with national and international partners including CAE GmbH, University of Genoa, Selex-ES, MSC-LES lab at University of Calabria. The main goal of the SIMCJOH project is to carry out research and development activities that focus on the Strategic Decision Making at Commander Level in particular situations where the Human Behavior (friendly forces, opposing forces or neutral agents/population) may affect the available military Course of Actions. To this end, the SIMCJOH project proposes to study and develop distributed simulation models (based on the standard for distributed Simulation HLA, High Level Architecture); the main idea is to investigate and understand to which extent such simulation models can be used to support decision making (at Commander level) in Joint and Multi-coalition scenarios where human factors are relevant.


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