SCS- Supply Chain Simulator

SCS-Supply Chain Simulator



Our supply chain simulator is a customizable tool for Supply Chain management and optimization based on a client-server platform. It can be easily integrated into logistics companies’ management systems as a mean to boost differentiation strategies and optimal resources allocation policies.
In other words, SCS integrates Modeling& Simulation approaches and mobile solutions to provide companies with predictive capabilities on how to achieve operational excellence and envisage short, medium and long term evolutions for their business.

The main functionalities we provide include, but are not limited to:

Advanced predictive models for detecting new products and new distribution points to be included as part of the distribution network

Optimization models for resources allocation, routing, cross-docking and bin packing.

Optimal models for demand forecasting and inventory control

Interfaces with mobile devices for real-time coordination, monitoring and control across the distribution network

Simulation capabilities for what-if analyses



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