CTS-Car Terminal Simulator

CTS- Car Terminal Simulator



Training is a critical issue in all complex systems where people are called to interact with technical equipment. This is particularly true for car terminals marked by complex inner processes and several interactions mostly out of control and hardly predictable beforehand.
The Car Terminal Simulator (CTS) is the right way forward to boost training effectiveness in car terminals so as to avoid human errors, reduce direct and indirect costs, enhance operational efficiency as well as security.
Basically, CTS supports operators training (e.g. drivers and parkers) both in standalone and cooperative training sessions.
CTS is specifically designed to comply with interoperability requirements; this way we are able to deliver scalable and tailored solutions that can easily evolve according customers and users’ needs.






Up to 80% of polyvalent operators (operators able to execute different operations therefore working in different positions, e.g. as drivers, parker, tally man, etc.);
Up to 20% productivity enhancement in terms of vehicle moved per hour and per driver;
Up to 35% reduction of accidents with small damages;
Up to 40% reduction of the time needed to repair vehicles subjected to accidents with small damages;
Up to 40% reduction of the costs needed to repair vehicles subjected to accidents with small damages
Up to 40% reduction of the indirect costs and operators absence from work due to accidents
Reduction to 0% of total losses (vehicles that cannot be repaired anymore).




CTS provides the playground where learning becomes experiential: operators perform their tasks in a virtual immersive environment where trial and error is highly encouraged to increase operational awareness. Experiencing several operational conditions thanks to scenarios parameterization that allows combining different parameters settings in a wide range of possibilities. Weather conditions, day/night time, type of operation, yard lay-out and ship lay-out, type of vehicle (car, truck, bus, etc.) are just some of the possibilities to create multiple scenarios for single and cooperative training.





CTS is the ideal solution for Education and Training in car terminals. CTS gives the possibility to provide single as well as joint cooperative training sessions involving different kinds of operators (e.g. drivers, parkers, Tally men, etc.) to recreate interactions and coordination patterns seamlessly. CTS allows reducing training on the field therefore reducing direct costs related to possible accidents and damages to vehicles as well as indirect costs that emerge after accidents such as insurance and costs for operators absence from work.











Gaining particular practical skills owing to the integration of advanced Hardware-in-the-Loop solutions (i.e. gesture recognition and tracking systems). Operators skills performances and improvements  are monitored by the instructor based on well-defined key indicators. This allows cycle time minimization and productivity enhancement.




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