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Education & Training is a crucial element for enhancing readiness levels and achieving – at individuals, staff and Commander level – major competences and standardized procedures. Commanders as well as units on the fields are required to face complex situations where the ability to take the right decision at the right time assures mission success and, in some cases, makes the difference between death and life.

Education & Training should aim at increasing Leader’s flexibility and capability to react correctly in different situations: from the Commander and his staff down to the units on the field, everyone must be prepared for current missions and for future (and even more complex) operations.

To this end, our products combine advanced and innovative technologies and methodologies to provide the Commander and his Staff with realistic exercises whose intensity is, as much as possible, similar to the real world situations. To this end, our solutions leverage on Distributed and Interoperable Simulation, Serious Games, Intelligent Agents to create immersive virtual and constructive environments where the Commander and his Staff can enhance collaboration, face real events/incidents, explore multiple Course of Actions (COAs), plan, prepare and execute all the tasks needed to reach the mission goal.

According to the Customer’s needs, our solutions for training are scalable in nature and follow the most used standard for interoperability, reusability and composability (e.g. IEEE 1516-2010 High Level Architecture).
We design, build and tailor our products to your needs by keeping in mind your training goals and the possibility to link our solutions to your available assets, re-use them in the future and/or compose them to create more complex systems.

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