VIM – Virtual Interactive Museum

VIM – Virtual Interactive Museum


A low-cost mobile application addressed to all those people interested in enriching their knowledge on museums and archeological sites through an immersive, interactive and intelligent experience.

VIM is a multi-player, web-based, avatar-based mobile app where players, involved as virtual visitors, can follow custom learning pathways inside virtual museums or archeological sites. Each visitor can enjoy cultural contents in several ways such as interacting with virtual guides that are able to deliver information according to various interaction patterns. Indeed, each player avatar can establish a dialogue with its own avatar guide based on Questions &Answers and multimedia exchanges.

Moreover, guides implement intelligent behaviors and, based on the interaction dynamics that have been established with players, are able to exhibit a proactive behavior promoting the cultural heritage stored within the virtual museum (or archeological site) being visited.
In other words, after the user is satisfied about the knowledge he/she has acquired on a particular artifact, the guide can suggest related findings or additional exhibits that could be of interest based on the users’ profile shaped along the visit.



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