Cultural Heritage

Mobile technologies and apps are increasingly becoming an integral part of our everyday life. In cultural heritage sector, museums, archaeological sites and parks look forward to take advantage of mobile technologies (in many cases already in possession of the visitors) for a better production, distribution and fruition of cultural contents as well as for fostering innovative way to receive information during the visits.

In this sense, it is becoming more and more pressing the need for the “Culture Industry” to convey (in the best way and to the greatest number of people) information contents and to attract (at museums and archaeological sites) a greater number of visitors.

Our apps for Cultural Heritage can be provided by using a zero-cost business model where the apps are self-repaying over a short period of time and start then to generate revenues for the owner (e.g. the museum, the archaeological park, etc.).

Our apps make use of virtual and interactive environments populated by Intelligent Avatars (that interact and actively involve the user) to convey cultural information and contents. A dedicated Knowledge Navigator (SOPHOS-CH), installed on smartphones and tablets and equipped with a voice recognizer system, enriches the visitors’ live experience providing contents on demand as well as augmented and interactive reality contents.

Our apps in the field of Cultural Heritage combine Modelling & Simulation, Intelligent Agents, Computer Generated Actions, Virtual Environments, Augmented Reality and Mobile Applications in an innovative way.

We strive to combine multiple methodologies and cutting edge technologies to guarantee:

an interactive and immersive cultural experience

intelligent automation of cultural contents

digital distribution, mobility and interoperability of cultural contents


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