Amazing Arrow Helicopter

Incredible Arrow Helicopter:nn1. How to participate in (use) astounding arrow helicopter: folding Led wonderful arrow helicopternntoy into spiral condition, keeping the tail of the Led house traveling saucer with suitablennhand, stretch the rubber band tightly with remaining hand. ( discover: do not point to anynnpersons) allow off your proper hand, then launching this arrow helicopter into the airnnwith its rubber band (elastic band), watch it fly into sky lit up by its Led mild.nnWhen this traveling mild up helicopter rocket reaches most height with 30-fiftynnmeters, its blade open up and it drop to the earth once again while spinning very speedy.nnFolding astounding arrow helicopter video: siten2. Time and put acceptable for amazing arrow helicopter be performed: very best utilised at nnevening so that you can see the gentle working of astounding arrow helicopter. This Lednnarea traveling saucer is acceptable for actively playing in open air with few trees/structures innnthe night, like square, Lawn, park, indoor playground supplier, etc.n3. Attribute: this astounding arrow helicopter can be spinning and fall down softly. It nnis astounding with the LED mild. It is just like a flashing mushroom (Led travelingnnumbrella) floating from sky to earth.n4. Market time: July, 2010.n5. This Led flying umbrella is really scorching. No person in particular young ones, small children or even nnadult can reject this sort of a miraculous present.n6. Bundle: can meet up with customer’s unique need for a variety of package deal way like nnblister card, coloration paper, color bag, color box, plastic tube and many others, shopper send out usnndeal design and style, or we can make style and design for cusotmer. Deal printing for numerousnncolours available.n7. China amazing arrow helicopter maker, wholesaler with most effective selling price and nnquality.n8. Cargo: by DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT and many others, or by air, by sea.

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